Top 8 Dating Rules

If you go to see really, there are no fixed dating rules. Something may work for some one and another thing for another one! So, what does one really do?

Well, here is something you can be hopeful with. Listed here is a list of top 8 dating rules. And don’t worry; a lot of research has gone into this before coming up with the list. So, stay attentive and hurry with your reading!

8.  Know your modes of communication

There is no lack of ways through which you can be asked out for a date. Now a day, no one is going to wait to meet you in person and ask you out. A quick text on the mobile or a simple question on Facebook can do the trick! So, if you are not familiar with the latest modes of communication, you better start to learn them. Dating rule no. 8 says that you ‘must’ know the modern techniques to communicate with each other. If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

7.  Be prepared if you display everything online

There are no barriers when it comes to the internet today. Your date can easily access anything you have put up on the world wide net. Be it the photos of your previous date or a wild party you recently attended, he or she would have access to that information if it is in your profile online. Accordingly, dating rule no. 7 says that you have to be ready to face questions about your past. This is simply because your past is no longer hidden from the world!

6.  Marriage is not the ultimate goal

The ultimate goal for old school dating was to enter the institution of marriage. Well, in the modern world, it is much more flexible. Singles are willing to date and see how the relationship develops over time. There is no rush to marry the partner. Live ins and casual dating are much more acceptable and favored. Before entering into a long term commitment straight away, dating couples are more interested to make the relationship work first. Likewise, dating rule no. 6 says that do not keep marriage the first thing in mind! You might be left disappointed!

5.  Exclusivity – Long gone

Dating rule no. 5 says that gone are the days when you were the only person your date would be taking out. If you have been seeing a person for a while and you are only dating casually, do not expect that your date would not be taking someone else out in that time. The unsaid commitment which was a priority in the past years is no longer the case now. Fortunately, this rule is not applicable to every dating. Having said that, be ready to be one of the many until you actually give a serious thought to commitment.

4.  Being Coy will get you nowhere

It is a fact that everyone is busy in their lives. There is work, there are personal issues and the list just never ends. So, if you are planning to act coy and delay the answer to the question forever, be prepared to miss out on the date! No one has the time to keep waiting endlessly for a positive answer. They might as well be done with it and move on ahead. Remember, if you are in fact interested to know the person who asked you out, play a little game but do not extend it forever. Dating rule no. 4 says that being coy is good, but being coy too long is just not going to work!

3.  Go beyond the social conditions

It was a long time back that the main consideration behind selecting a date was religion or geography. It matters no more whether a person is from Europe and the other from America. In fact, the religious and cultural beliefs can matter to a small extent before selecting a partner but in the larger picture, it is no way the fundamental reason being the compatibility. Dating rule no. 3 says that social conditions are a long dead. Go beyond the conventions and live free!

2.  Let the girl pay if she wants to

Good news for the men! There was a time when women were not supposed to work. There is a time now where women are as successful as men. This says that initially boys were supposed to put in the entire bill after a date. However, times have changed now and so has this rule. Women do not really mind paying the bill. Next time, you take someone out on a date, reach a mid way situation. Dating rule no. 2 says that many women today consider themselves equal to men and don’t mind paying for what they have eaten!

1.  Charm her away!

The most important rule of all, dating rule no. 1 – Be charming. There are no two ways about this. You may be handsome and rich and all, but if your charm does not get across, there is no use of those qualities. As the first rule of dating, you need to be sensitive to your date and win her heart. Few things you could do are give her small surprises, behave with chivalry and send thoughtful messages when required. This rule is primary and not to be messed with!

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