PUA: Know Them and Fend Them off

This is an opinion piece written by one of my ‘girl’ friends. Lets see what females think of PUA techniques:

Pick up artists are one of the most annoying creations of god! And they are arrived in the world to stay! Irrespective of your belief that they should not be allowed near a woman, they refuse to go away. Therefore, instead of feeling defeated, you should simply fend them off.

But before sending them off, are you sure you know what defines a pick up artist. Whether yes or no, here is a list of the ways a PUA approaches a woman. Next time you get a similar hint, you will know what to do!

  1. Can I talk to you for a minute’, the opening line

Most often, a pick up artist approaches a woman with an opening line like, ‘Can I speak to you for a moment’ or ‘I have to tell you something’. Well, if you think that person is genuine, then it is another case but if not, he is definitely a pick up artist.

They begin with an opening line like the above and start having a conversation. It just gets impossible to send them off after that. In cases like these, it is advised to ignore the person right from the start. Don’t allow them to start a conversation first and foremost and there will be no need to worry later on. Simply tell them that you are busy and do not have the time to listen even for that one minute. If nothing else, tell them that you do not understand their language and therefore cannot help them whatsoever.

  1. The staring artist

If speaking was not enough already, some pick up artists go as far as staring continuously at a woman. Yes, this is considered impolite but then, they simply do not care.

In situations such as this, you should not ne nervous or feel defeated. Just walk up to that person and tell him to stop staring. Be upfront and let him know that you are just not interested. One of your answers could be to stare back till the person feels uneasy. Now, nothing can be better than giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  1. Negging

Another common technique through which the PUAs approach a woman is by negging. They will simply add a line to make the woman feel low about her. For instance, you might hear something like, ‘Hey, you have nice hair. Are you wearing a wig?’ Things like these can make you or any woman for that matter feel socially low.

Now, for instances like these, you have to come out of the shell and face the PUA. Tell him that you do not care for his compliments or comments. If nothing else, simply walk out of the scene and do not give a damn to anything that is being said. If you will not listen to him, surely, he will be completely discouraged to speak any further! Next time, don’t be the prey to any negging of any kind!

  1. The Kinesthetic

Last but not the least, you have the kinesthetic PUA. This means that while having a conversation, the person will lightly touch you on your arm or your shoulder. Now, if that is acceptable to you, it is another case, if not, then you must not accept it in any case!

What you can best do is confront him and speak your mind out. If not that, try giving him a dose. Next time he speaks, annoy him the same way he annoyed you. He will for sure learn his lesson and not trouble you anymore!

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