Pick Up Artists: Love em or Hate em

If you do not know what a pick up artist is, here is a quick brief about them. Commonly abbreviated with PUA, a pick up artist is an individual who finds and attracts partners for their desired purpose. They have a particular way of getting the other person’s attention and they successfully achieve their purpose by following their systems!

Now, when it comes to the pick up artists, they are not necessarily hateful or appreciated. It is totally dependent from person to person. In fact, the PUA’s even receive mixed opinions form the press and the general public. Now, it is up to you to judge them for yourself! If however, you are negative about them, here is what happened to one of them! You will definitely enjoy reading this one! Pay attention and most definitely do not be like this guy!

Here is the story of Julien Blanc

Julien Blanc is a U.S based pick up artist and a dating coach. He has gone as far as to call himself the, ‘international leader in dating advice’. Now, being in the profession that he has chosen for himself, he brought further limelight on himself in November 2014! He was accused of running social media campaigns that encouraged several dating and relationship habits which was not supported by many people worldwide! Most of his campaigns were looked down as being demeaning to women!

Well, well, he even came on the TV, and refuted the allegations made on him. He stated that what ever was said against him did not have enough evidence to support what he was accused of! But all said and done, people had already made up their opinions and he was not going back with a clean chit. The result was just as shocking as his deed!

Julien Blanc was officially banned from entering several countries. The list includes some major countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore! No one can know which people liked or even supported Julien Blanc’s campaigns, but we for sure know which people did not support them!

Likewise, here are such tips to ward off the pick up artists if you are not particularly fine with what they have to say

  1. Make your excuses – If a pick up artist approaches you with their unimpressive pick up lines, simply make your excuses and walk off from the scene. Make excuses like you have some work or need to go out. He will definitely get your answer straight off and if he is smart enough, he will back off!

What you can do is do not allow the pick up artist to start a conversation at all. Don’t allow them to start a conversation first and foremost and there will be no need to worry later on. Simply tell them that you are busy and do not have the time to pay attention even for that one minute. If nothing else, tell them that you do not comprehend their speech and therefore cannot help them whatsoever.

  1. Give it back – Be blunt and let him know that you are just not attracted. One of your answers could be to gaze back till the person feels edgy. Now, nothing can be better than giving them a taste of their own medicine. What you can best do is tackle him and articulate your mind out. If not that, try giving him a dose. Next time he speaks, aggravate him the same way he annoyed you. He will for sure learn his message and not mess with you anymore!

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