Looking Good: The Good and The Bad

If you have caught yourselves a hottie, well, it is your good luck. A good-looking partner is a quality almost every one somewhere expects for them. It is always nice to walk hand in hand with them and you will see that smile on your face when your partner is being admired! Yet, if you want a good-looking partner, can your ego deal with it? As nice as it sounds, looking good does not only have its pros. Your ego has to survive the cons. Read ahead if you would like to know the good and the bad of having a looking good partner.

The Good Side First

He or she can turn heads

If your partner is a looker, they are definitely bound to turn some heads! Now this is a terrific ego boost when everyone in the crowd wants to have a look at your partner! You can get plenty of compliments just for dating them. Moreover, your friends are sure to love them. And they will have no filter for their compliments. You will get to hear loads and loads of them! This sure can make your day better and better!

With good looks, the world is never better if your partner even has a suave dressing sense. These two deadly combinations will make you more in love day by day! And it is quite nice to look good for the person you are in a relation with.

The world is easy to a good looking person

The world is wonderful to a good looking person. This is another major pro of looking good! It is easier for them to get things done and people gladly do those things for them. If your partner looks good, observe for yourselves and see next time, people at restaurants, clubs, just anywhere, will be gladder then ever to assist them.

Likewise, the possible perks which one can enjoy seem limitless! Your partner will be some one who is confident and does not hesitate to face the world. For this one point, it is extremely important to look good as it adds a whole lot of confidence to a person.

You turn to improve yourselves

When you know your partner is good looking or takes efforts to look good and dress well, some where you want to make the same efforts yourself. Now this is a good thing since you yourself will be taking better care. Maybe you will dress better if you go out to a party next time, or you might be smiling more often so that every one can have a look at your lovely smile. Any small effort will work well to help you improve in your presentation. This one point is a major advantage of dating a good-looking partner.

The Bad Goes next

Looking good never hurts the person who is so, but what about their partner? If you are dating a good looking person, let us see if your ego can take that toll

He or she is good looking for everyone

Agreed that the person you are dating is a looker! Agreed that your friends and family think so too! But have you considered the point that so does every one else in the world think so! Now, this can get really ugly if you have random people coming and complimenting you for the same. It only makes matters worse and you may behave in a manner you never thought you would!

But it is the simple reality that if your partner can turn heads to them, people might also approach them! Here is when you have to prepare yourself to deal with this bad for dating a looker. Have trust in the person and allow them to lead their lives.

Jealously, insecurity, all are at the top

The major bad of dating a good looker is that your jealousy can be aroused any time! Your partner is bound to get noticed whenever he or she heads out. In fact, they are bound to get noticed even if they head out with you! After all, no one can stop prying eyes.

It is fantastic if your partner is admired by a friends or a close relative, the situation changes however when that appreciation comes from a total stranger! Now, you have to make sure that you are not caught up in this game of sparking jealousies. You do not want to loose your personality by being an insecure person. If you are dating a good-looking person, learn to appreciate the fact that the world will notice them and people will approach them every now and then!

In conclusion, there are many pros of dating an attractive person. But the good looks are not the only thing that matters. If there are the good, you also have the bad which sometimes takes away from your personality! Although it is always nice to have a hottie by your side, you should also appreciate the other qualities in a person. Being funny, being intelligent, or having various other skills does not come easy! If you are born with looks, you work hard to attain the other qualities. They should be given equal importance and you will see the positive result in your relation of you value your partner with or without good looks!

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