How To Converse With A Woman The First Time

It is an ordinary fact that you run into a new person every now and then in your everyday lives. Now if this person happens to be a woman, many of us are left wondering about how to talk to her the first time on meeting. It will definitely serve no purpose standing frozen on the spot. Instead, here are some quick tips about how to strike up a good impression the first time talking to a woman

Tip 1 – Introduce yourself

Yes, there is a great power in this simple word, ‘Hello’. It makes the whole situation normal and you can pick up a standard conversation from there. Just remember that women are approached often and they have practically heard a lot of long introduction lines. They do not want to hear another one! A simple ‘Hello’ will do the trick for you and she definitely won’t give you that dreaded strange look!

Tip 2 – Make use of the current news

Women often like men who are well informed of the latest happening and current affairs. If you are meeting a woman for the first time and wondering what to talk, you could definitely discuss the current events. Maybe even share a little laugh by discussing the latest celebrity gossip! Who knows, the display of wit could somewhere charm her without you even tying over much!

Tip 3 – Keep asking her opinion

One of the personal favorites of womankind is to state their opinions – loud and clear! And they like men who respect that and take their point of view in all matters. This theory is especially helpful when you are sitting with a new group and women and want to engage their interest. So, nest time you need an opinion, you can safely approach a group of women you seem to like!

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