For Nature Lovers

Sorry guys, this article is for the ladies:

If you go to see, going to dates in ways of long walks or hikes in the hills, can be absolutely and blissfully relaxing! If this is what attracts you, then you sure are a rambling enthusiast. And there are many more, who will be by your side and support you in your continuous travels. For those interested in a rambling man, have you wondered what it might feel like to date such a man? Well, you will not be kept in the dark any more. Here is what it feels like.

Do not expect a sudden change!

This guy is someone who loves to travel. He can be a business man or in any other profession for that matter. Therefore, if you plan to date a rambling man, be assured that he will still continue his travelling endeavors. Do not expect him to suddenly take a back seat and sit at home. You have to accept the guy as a person who likes outdoors and will spend a lot of his time out there!

He is most definitely a nature lover

Now again, a rambling man loves the outdoors. They love nature and are interested in outside adventures. If such a man is in your mind, make sure you have or at least develop a liking for the outdoors. In fact, do not be surprised if your next date is a walk in the park or even a little hike on the mountains. This is pretty much characteristic of the rambling man!

Do not be surprised if he is mentally absent!

The good thing in a rambling man is that he is a traveler and often goes out of town. The world is extended to him and he likes to explore it as much as he possibly can. Now comes the bad part! Such a man also has a bad quality of being mentally absent in situations! The fact of the matter is that if for a change he is not travelling and is in town, he might just switch off from any conversation and you will be left staring! Make sure you do not allow this for your partner. After all, he ‘must’ listen to what you say!

He might include you in his travel

Another positive! He is a rambler and he will travel. But sometimes, he might also include you in his travel. Doesn’t that sound like fun! Yes, this is a major wow factor of dating a rambling man. You can accompany him on his travels, his adventures and be a part of his life schedule. This can work wonderfully well to take your relation to new levels. You can know his preferences and dislikes and he can know yours. This point alone is a major ‘yes’ in favor of a rambling man!

However, if he does not include you in his travels, do not have your doubts. This may be for genuine reasons like lack of time or for a strict work trip!

Your calls may be left unanswered

The last thing in this list about a rambling man is that he may just leave your call or messages unanswered! Now, you can give him the benefit of doubt for the reason that he may be away on business or may even be in his adventures in exotic locations. Now, definitely answering the phone is not possible in these situations! So, you can safely let him off! However, these guys do have this irritating habit of leaving phones unanswered even when the situation is totally fine!

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