Dating Mindset: You Got It?

You may have a mind to date, just casually or get into a serious relationship. But do you have the right mindset for the same? You need to be in the right frame of mind before you flirt, chat or start seeing some one. You don’t want to appear a complete hero or a complete zero. Somewhere halfway is a good solution. Here is a quick list of pointers for you to know if you have the right mindset for seeing someone!

Having an open mind

Every one is bound to have a past. And that should be absolutely permissible. You do not want to be too rigid to stick to your conventions and not allow the other person to breathe! And especially so, if you have some past skeletons in your own closet! Accordingly, a dating mindset definitely calls for you to have an open mind and embrace a new relationship leaving the past behind. Do not ask you date too many questions about his or her ex. It can get totally annoying for the other person to answer your questions! After all, the past cannot change and you do not want to spoil the future doing the same!

Being a closed person was never appreciated, even long time back!

Another key mindset to develop before dating is to keep yourself open to the other person. This does not mean that you reveal everything about yourselves right from the first few dates. But, you do have to start sharing the realities of your being to the other person if you intend to see them more often in the future. And moreover, if you want to know more about the other person, you have to lead by example! Be open and yet ensure that you have not spoken too much!

Do not loose your personality

This phenomenon occurs quite often. One moment you start seeing a girl or a boy, the other moment you have forgotten about your friends, your daily routine and you are lost in that one person who you have only just met! This majorly takes away ‘you’ from your personality. Where is your individual self now!

Accordingly, before dating, you need to set your mind on the fact that no matter what happens, you will be you! No relation should take away your charm and make you a slave to it! And this can only happen if you set your mind for it!

Don’t give in till you find the perfect one

As fancy as this sounds, it is best of you put this to practice. If you go on one date and feel a lack of compatibility with the person, it is absolutely alright to try another date with some other person. In fact, it is acceptable to do this until you find the right person you want to pursue in the future! You can keep dating but don’t make any false promises you cannot keep up with. Have a clear mindset to find the right person for you!

Keep flirting, keep the fun alive

Last but not the least, if you are dating someone, make sure to flirt and that to, to flirt often. Flirting is fun and you can be easy with compliments. You can have a light humored conversation and keep the excitement alive. This is specially required in the first few dates. You do not want to appear boring and serious. Instead, make the conversation fun and keep the thrill alive by flirting away! And this means healthy flirting!

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