An Insight into a Woman’s Mind

How often have you heard this common time cliché that it is near impossible to understand a woman! Well, this may not apply at all if you can get a little insight in to a woman’s complex mind. And magically, you will know the answer to the 3 W’s for that amazing lady who has been residing in your mind. You will know the answer to – What is she like, what does she like and what is the right way to charm her away!

Well, one technique that will truly give you an insight about a woman is the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system. Pursuing the system, you can easily observe a woman and determine which of the categories of women she falls in. Once you have your category in place, you will know how to charm her away! The system also talks about the desires of each category of women described and the ways through which you can charm her!

Does some types of women scare the hell out of you?

The process starts with answering to 3 questions to help you identify the personality of the woman. The questions stated in the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system are

  1. Her ‘time line’ whereby you can know what strategy she applies to choose her Mr. Right
  2. Her ‘sex line’ whereby you can know what interests she has in terms of physical intimacy
  3. Her ‘relationship line’ whereby you will know what characteristic traits she wants in her M. Right.

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can tell her personality type! This procedure may sound complicated, but do not worry, it is not that difficult after all! Now that you have answered the questions and determined her personality type, you can move to the next step for understanding her personality!

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system says that there are 8 kinds or 8 categories of women we can find in the world today. Each type has a separate manner in which she behaves and therefore, there has to be a difference in the way you make your approach towards her. After all, it never hurts to know how your desired lady will be charmed. Without wasting much time, let us get into the 8 kinds of women

  1. The Social Butterfly

As the name says, these are butterflies and therefore, can be extremely difficult to charm away! Yes, she is beautiful and she knows it! She will not hesitate to flirt a little here and there and set the rocking mood of the party! However, to be able ti catch her for yourself, you have to have that X factor in you!

Well, she may be energetic and all that but you ought to know what you are doing if you want to impress her! If you want to date this category of women, you have to pep up and try a little extra to stand out for her!

  1. The Hopeful Romantic

If you like being, ‘The Knight in Shining Armour’, this category of women is your type! A hopeful romantic girl lives in her fantasies and wants to see her prince charming in the boy she is dating. But do not worry, if you want to charm her, you do not necessarily have to be a paramour straight from some fancy book in literature, you only have to bring out the characteristics in yourselves that she likes. And this conquest will be yours!

  1. The Playette

You will never know the depth of this category of woman unless you break through the iceberg like exterior! These ladies are moderate and calm but they have a whole lot more to say when you break through their outer appearance and see other aspects of their personality.

Protective initially, she can turn into an exciting prospect once you win her heart over! Remember, before anything, you have to break through the ice like exterior!

  1. The Cinderella

A Cinderella is a woman type you can’t take for granted. She looks at a long term relationship when she thinks of dating. Well, if you have anything else in mind, try considering once again!

  1. The Private Dancer

She is a one exciting paradox of existence. There is a mystery surrounding her being! There is a soft and innocent look on the exterior. On the other hand, there is a passionate personality hidden in her inner being!

If you plan to pursue a Private Dancer, you can be assured that she will give a lot of the relationship. However, giving does not come without taking back. You have to be prepared to put some efforts as well!

  1. The Modern Woman

This is one category of women who is so 21st century. She is smart, sexy and carrier oriented. She has an open mind and does not have too many guards about herself. If you like this category of no nonsense women, make sure that you match up to her expectations!

Silly romantic gifts will not impress her! You have to think like a modern man who can charm away the modern woman!

  1. The Connoisseur

Like the name of this category says, she is a woman type she is choosy about the person she goes on a date with. She is cautious and will wait for the Mr. Right to come her way. Therefore, you cannot win her with some foolish notions of love, because she chooses practically!

One thing good about these kind of women is that they are practical and therefore appreciate the realistic approach of guys. You will not have to cook up romantic stories to woo her. Take sensible steps instead!

  1. The Seductress

The seductress woman is strong and not easily intimidated. She is not scared of what the world will say. This is one attractive quality in them. She likes intimacies and is very confident in life. Accordingly, you have to have a strong personality yourself in order to woo the Seductress.

Dating Rules – The Modern Look At It

Dating behavior has seen a definite change over the years. And you ‘must’ realize that so have the dating rules. It is no longer a necessary order that the man takes the lead. This is the 21st century and women are equal to men in all ways! The digital era has brought about a noticeable change and it is absolutely ‘okay’ to ask for a date on Facebook. In fact, this is a common phenomenon with the younger singles. The older ones are still hesitant about the digital media, but never mind that!

Here is a list of a few dating habits that every single person must definitely know about

1. Who said only he pays

Well, here is a win win situation for the boys! It is no longer necessary that the guy has to always pay the bill. If you believe the recent trend, girls do not really mind paying the bill. Well, well, now would that not encourage more of you boys to go on dates! Next time, on a first date, if she reaches out for her purse, do not over react! Work a mid way out! It is okay to let her pay.

2. Try being honest this time

You know within the first few minutes itself if you are or are not interested in the date. Don’t like the date, what is the point of extending it and creating a long list of misunderstandings! As a modern dating rule, you can politely inform your date that you are not interested in carrying the dating on for the second time. Remember to be polite and maintain your manners. You never know when you might bump into your date again in the future!

3. Finish off what you started

It is perfectly normal that your date does not go like you expected it to. You might not even like the person any more. However, remember this dating rule that no matter whether you like the date or not, finish off what you started. As a general rule, it is considered polite to go through with the date and finish off what you yourself began. This was always a mandate before and so it is a mandate now! You need to have that respect for your date. Do not leave mid way or start being rude. Finish off the date on a good note and make sure you come home with some happy memories in the box!

4. No More Waiting or No More the Wait Games

There was always a waiting game played after the first date. The girl or the guy would wait for 3-4 days before declaring their interest in each other. Fortunately, the modern dating rule is against that! Gone are the days of playing waiting games, the singles of today are rather quick to declare their interest in the dating partner. And don’t wait too long to confess your interest, he or she might just have taken off on another date by then!

5. There are no limitations what so ever!

Compatibility does not depend on race, religion or geography anymore. Although, these factors can contribute to the attractiveness of a person to another in general, they are not the prime factors in deciding a date. Compatibility truly does not depend on whether two people are from the same continent. If you like a person, approach them no matter what culture or religion they belong to.

6. If you are charming, you are a winner

Charm is what is in demand! You may be rich, handsome or even a body builder. But if you fail in the charm department, you are pretty not going to impress your date. Every partner likes a graceful date who has nice qualities. But if you cannot charm your date, what use are the other qualities! Next time before seeing a person, you can try being little sensitive to them. Thank you and sorry texts always work. A little surprise can never go wrong. Just try a few efforts to be charming and you will see the positive results yourself.

7. Your past is no longer your own

Well, if you are socially active and have a vibrant presence online, you must know that your date will also be having a look at that! That is nothing to worry because what is gone is in the past. Yet, don’t be surprised if your partner is well aware of your previous doings. In fact, the modern dating rules say that learn to embrace these things and look beyond these petty issues. If you like a person, like them with their past, present and future!

8. If you like the person, make sure to say that

As a last rule modern rule for dating, it is important to state your liking to your partner. It works no good to play waiting games or act coy. In fact, this could result in your partner loosing their interest in you. The simple fact is that no one has the time in the world to keep waiting for a positive answer. They want to get to know you as soon as possible and that can only happen if you show interest back. Playing waiting games can totally turn their mood off and you may be left wondering why you did that! Be honest and see the magical results!

Top 8 Dating Rules

If you go to see really, there are no fixed dating rules. Something may work for some one and another thing for another one! So, what does one really do?

Well, here is something you can be hopeful with. Listed here is a list of top 8 dating rules. And don’t worry; a lot of research has gone into this before coming up with the list. So, stay attentive and hurry with your reading!

8.  Know your modes of communication

There is no lack of ways through which you can be asked out for a date. Now a day, no one is going to wait to meet you in person and ask you out. A quick text on the mobile or a simple question on Facebook can do the trick! So, if you are not familiar with the latest modes of communication, you better start to learn them. Dating rule no. 8 says that you ‘must’ know the modern techniques to communicate with each other. If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

7.  Be prepared if you display everything online

There are no barriers when it comes to the internet today. Your date can easily access anything you have put up on the world wide net. Be it the photos of your previous date or a wild party you recently attended, he or she would have access to that information if it is in your profile online. Accordingly, dating rule no. 7 says that you have to be ready to face questions about your past. This is simply because your past is no longer hidden from the world!

6.  Marriage is not the ultimate goal

The ultimate goal for old school dating was to enter the institution of marriage. Well, in the modern world, it is much more flexible. Singles are willing to date and see how the relationship develops over time. There is no rush to marry the partner. Live ins and casual dating are much more acceptable and favored. Before entering into a long term commitment straight away, dating couples are more interested to make the relationship work first. Likewise, dating rule no. 6 says that do not keep marriage the first thing in mind! You might be left disappointed!

5.  Exclusivity – Long gone

Dating rule no. 5 says that gone are the days when you were the only person your date would be taking out. If you have been seeing a person for a while and you are only dating casually, do not expect that your date would not be taking someone else out in that time. The unsaid commitment which was a priority in the past years is no longer the case now. Fortunately, this rule is not applicable to every dating. Having said that, be ready to be one of the many until you actually give a serious thought to commitment.

4.  Being Coy will get you nowhere

It is a fact that everyone is busy in their lives. There is work, there are personal issues and the list just never ends. So, if you are planning to act coy and delay the answer to the question forever, be prepared to miss out on the date! No one has the time to keep waiting endlessly for a positive answer. They might as well be done with it and move on ahead. Remember, if you are in fact interested to know the person who asked you out, play a little game but do not extend it forever. Dating rule no. 4 says that being coy is good, but being coy too long is just not going to work!

3.  Go beyond the social conditions

It was a long time back that the main consideration behind selecting a date was religion or geography. It matters no more whether a person is from Europe and the other from America. In fact, the religious and cultural beliefs can matter to a small extent before selecting a partner but in the larger picture, it is no way the fundamental reason being the compatibility. Dating rule no. 3 says that social conditions are a long dead. Go beyond the conventions and live free!

2.  Let the girl pay if she wants to

Good news for the men! There was a time when women were not supposed to work. There is a time now where women are as successful as men. This says that initially boys were supposed to put in the entire bill after a date. However, times have changed now and so has this rule. Women do not really mind paying the bill. Next time, you take someone out on a date, reach a mid way situation. Dating rule no. 2 says that many women today consider themselves equal to men and don’t mind paying for what they have eaten!

1.  Charm her away!

The most important rule of all, dating rule no. 1 – Be charming. There are no two ways about this. You may be handsome and rich and all, but if your charm does not get across, there is no use of those qualities. As the first rule of dating, you need to be sensitive to your date and win her heart. Few things you could do are give her small surprises, behave with chivalry and send thoughtful messages when required. This rule is primary and not to be messed with!

Some Habits To ‘Let’ You Meet Women

Meeting women can sometimes get nerve wrecking. Let’s face it, you cannot always be sure about the best possible way to approach a woman. There is a constant fear of getting kicked out! And that does the male ego ‘no good’. Well, here are some habits that women in general won’t mind you doing! Let us quickly get into them:

Sign up for some classes

The best way to meet a woman sharing the same interest like you is to sign up for some class. Both of you like the same thing if you like the same class! You can easily talk to her and she won’t even mind it! Her defenses are completely down and you can easily strike a conversation.

Consider gyming!

This does not mean you spot a woman at the gym and disturb her midway during her exercise! What you can do is carry out your task and wait for someone out there to notice you. Don’t worry, there is a great chance you will meet someone gyming. After all, women are often looking for some advice when it comes to exercising. And this habit will also get you fit and fine!

Use the all time popular social media

Don’t have the mood to meet a woman face to face, try the social networking and dating sites instead. Now this is one habit which is largely popular and interested women definitely won’t mind it! These two are sure shot roadways to having a fun social life. Get to know women through these sites but don’t stop just there. Meet your virtual friend in person and get to know here better. Try and enhance your relationship! After all, what is the fun in a virtual world!

4 Top Places To Meet a Woman

Generally, when you think of meeting a woman, what comes to mind is a bar! Well, not many women are interested to get to know a new person in a dark and noisy place, where you cannot even see the face of the person properly! So, bar is a NO NO! In fact, there are far better places to meet a woman. You could use some of them mentioned here

At the Hardware Stores

This might seem funny but it truly is not! Next time you visit a hardware store, notice the few women wandering aimlessly through the aisles of the shop floor. Here is your chance to be her guide and politely help her through her endeavor. After all, it cannot hurt to show off some wit!

At the Dance Classes

This option is a popular favorite! And truly so, where else will you find women, maybe even single women, who you are actually supposed to interact physically with! And if there is a shortage of men in the dance class, it serves as a great opportunity to actually partner with a female of your choice! Simply dance your way to a nice friendship!

At the Acting Classes

If you have some fun interaction in mind, consider joining an acting class. Here you are going to be playing many roles and partnering with random people for those roles. What better than to meet woman as your costars! You will be easily forgiven for doing some healthy flirting while acting out your parts!

At the Park

If noting else, you can meet women at a park near by. Maybe you are walking your dog and she hers or maybe even both of you are doing the same. You never know, if your dogs happen to like each other, it will present a great opportunity for you to talk to her!