An Insight into a Woman’s Mind

How often have you heard this common time cliché that it is near impossible to understand a woman! Well, this may not apply at all if you can get a little insight in to a woman’s complex mind. And magically, you will know the answer to the 3 W’s for that amazing lady who has been residing in your mind. You will know the answer to – What is she like, what does she like and what is the right way to charm her away!

Well, one technique that will truly give you an insight about a woman is the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system. Pursuing the system, you can easily observe a woman and determine which of the categories of women she falls in. Once you have your category in place, you will know how to charm her away! The system also talks about the desires of each category of women described and the ways through which you can charm her!

Does some types of women scare the hell out of you?

The process starts with answering to 3 questions to help you identify the personality of the woman. The questions stated in the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system are

  1. Her ‘time line’ whereby you can know what strategy she applies to choose her Mr. Right
  2. Her ‘sex line’ whereby you can know what interests she has in terms of physical intimacy
  3. Her ‘relationship line’ whereby you will know what characteristic traits she wants in her M. Right.

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can tell her personality type! This procedure may sound complicated, but do not worry, it is not that difficult after all! Now that you have answered the questions and determined her personality type, you can move to the next step for understanding her personality!

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system says that there are 8 kinds or 8 categories of women we can find in the world today. Each type has a separate manner in which she behaves and therefore, there has to be a difference in the way you make your approach towards her. After all, it never hurts to know how your desired lady will be charmed. Without wasting much time, let us get into the 8 kinds of women

  1. The Social Butterfly

As the name says, these are butterflies and therefore, can be extremely difficult to charm away! Yes, she is beautiful and she knows it! She will not hesitate to flirt a little here and there and set the rocking mood of the party! However, to be able ti catch her for yourself, you have to have that X factor in you!

Well, she may be energetic and all that but you ought to know what you are doing if you want to impress her! If you want to date this category of women, you have to pep up and try a little extra to stand out for her!

  1. The Hopeful Romantic

If you like being, ‘The Knight in Shining Armour’, this category of women is your type! A hopeful romantic girl lives in her fantasies and wants to see her prince charming in the boy she is dating. But do not worry, if you want to charm her, you do not necessarily have to be a paramour straight from some fancy book in literature, you only have to bring out the characteristics in yourselves that she likes. And this conquest will be yours!

  1. The Playette

You will never know the depth of this category of woman unless you break through the iceberg like exterior! These ladies are moderate and calm but they have a whole lot more to say when you break through their outer appearance and see other aspects of their personality.

Protective initially, she can turn into an exciting prospect once you win her heart over! Remember, before anything, you have to break through the ice like exterior!

  1. The Cinderella

A Cinderella is a woman type you can’t take for granted. She looks at a long term relationship when she thinks of dating. Well, if you have anything else in mind, try considering once again!

  1. The Private Dancer

She is a one exciting paradox of existence. There is a mystery surrounding her being! There is a soft and innocent look on the exterior. On the other hand, there is a passionate personality hidden in her inner being!

If you plan to pursue a Private Dancer, you can be assured that she will give a lot of the relationship. However, giving does not come without taking back. You have to be prepared to put some efforts as well!

  1. The Modern Woman

This is one category of women who is so 21st century. She is smart, sexy and carrier oriented. She has an open mind and does not have too many guards about herself. If you like this category of no nonsense women, make sure that you match up to her expectations!

Silly romantic gifts will not impress her! You have to think like a modern man who can charm away the modern woman!

  1. The Connoisseur

Like the name of this category says, she is a woman type she is choosy about the person she goes on a date with. She is cautious and will wait for the Mr. Right to come her way. Therefore, you cannot win her with some foolish notions of love, because she chooses practically!

One thing good about these kind of women is that they are practical and therefore appreciate the realistic approach of guys. You will not have to cook up romantic stories to woo her. Take sensible steps instead!

  1. The Seductress

The seductress woman is strong and not easily intimidated. She is not scared of what the world will say. This is one attractive quality in them. She likes intimacies and is very confident in life. Accordingly, you have to have a strong personality yourself in order to woo the Seductress.

3 thoughts on “An Insight into a Woman’s Mind

  1. It really is very difficult to understand the Women, as I usually say and a great mystery and only changes if the address. I live with 3 women every day and I confess that it really becomes a mystery every day more difficult to understand.
    Excellent Post.

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