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You cannot learn confidence, it is earned.  While it may appear that some guys are naturally good at seducing women, the real truth is they started before you – John Wallington

I used to be a nerdy computer software engineer.  My word were entirely scripts, code and the like.  Eventually the hormones got the better of me, and I searched for how I can get that part of my life handled.  I am eternally grateful for Neil Strauss for his book ‘The Game’ introduced me to the world of pick up.

It was difficult at first as my years of being a geeky introvert brought on underlying gaucherie in social interactions.  By meticulously experimenting, trying out new techniques and learning by failing, I am able to strike up a conversation with any woman and dated many ‘10s’.

I journey started in year 2008.  Through my years of experience, I beckon you to read through the knowledge I shall share:


Here I layout the kind of mindset required to help develop into a man women adore.

Looking Good

This can range from grooming to fitness.

Update:  I have recently found out about the right proportion for an attractive male body.  Its called the the Adonis Golden Ratio.  I’m still researching and will update this category with related information.

Dating Rules

What things to do on a date and what not to do, as well as dating ideas.

PUA Techniques

Techniques ranging from approaching, conversing, attraction and seducing the woman.  Basically any technique that can help in the pick up process is detailed here.


Got the girl?  Well the relationship is another ball game.


Anything on my mind, I’ll just post here.

–  John Wallington

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