8 Tips to Look Good

Looking good can never hurt. It is always nice to have a good looking partner by your side. Now, to complement that partner, you do not need to always have a well toned killer body to look good. Small efforts to look nice can make a whole lot of a difference to the appearance of a person. Here are those tips that can work well to both boost your looks and your confidence levels.

But before we start, lets have some satire haha:

Be in line with the current trends

Being with the current trend is a major add on to your good looks. If you wear the latest styles or have the latest hairstyle, you will be sure to be noticed in a large crowd. Even if you do not like the current trend and feel it does not suit you, you can always take a hint from the current happenings and work your style around the current trend. This is for the simple reason that trends should not force you to change yourself. They should just be a guideline to help you look better by dressing according to the popular demands of the day!

Understand yourself – The hair

Hair can be one factor that can define the look of a person. It is essential to have a hair style that complements yourself. If the rage is long hair, does not mean you need to have that hair style. You need to understand what suits you and need to have a hairstyle that can work well in you.

Try and experiment. Go different. Try the colours, different styles, just ask an expert who are more than willing to guide you with the right hair. For instance, if you have a round face, try going for a layer cut rather than going short. Oval faces can try blunt cuts. For the men, maintain a nice sleek hairstyle which you can conveniently model according to the situation. Neat and well cut hair can be attractive in more ways than you can even take a guess!

If you know your best feature – Highlight it

Every one has at least one feature in them that makes them more confident of themselves. Therefore, you should not let that go unnoticed. If you have a god smile, smile more often. If you have good eyes, do something to highlight that. In essence, you need to make sure that the best feature in you is wide and clear to every one. A few compliments from your loved ones are always nice to hear here and there!

Colours can have their own say

The colour code you wear can have a huge difference to your appearance. Darker colours help a person to look slimmer and if you are already on the thin side, you can look even slimmer if that is in your mind.

Also, colours play an important role since they define an occasion. An evening party mostly calls for a dark subtle colour code. You cannot wear a beachy yellow to an evening party. Imagine how funny would that look! Accordingly, it is central to wear the right colours to the occasion if you do not want to feel out of place!

Wear to your fitting

You may want to look good for a date you are going to, but how about you wear loose ill fitting clothes? What impression would that put? Accordingly, you do not need to have the best of bodies to dress well and look good. All you need to do is wear good fitting clothes.

Ill-fitting clothes show cases a sense that you are not interested or for that matter not bothered to make efforts to dress well. Just take a little step next time and wear something that goes well with your body type. You will sure turn some heads your way!

Do not use excessive make up

Make up for sure helps. It is required to correct the minor imprecations we have and can add oodles of confidence to a person. However, excessive make up is a strict No No. You do not want to have your partner hear comments about your excessive makeup. It is a major turn off. Accordingly, to look good, you may want to put make up, but ensure that you do not over do it. Instead of looking good, you would look quite annoying to the onlooker!

Take care of yourself

Looking good is not just about how you look from outside. You need to also take care and maintain your personal hygiene. Every one likes a partner who takes efforts to maintain personal care. Likewise, be healthy and you will shine out! Complement your outer efforts but with the internal ones. And wait and see the results! Nothing can stop you from being content!

Be a positive person

Last but not the least, yes, looking good is important. But that is not the be all and end all. You need to have a good and clean mindset for being a positive person. And being positive has its own advantages! Every one likes a good and positive person who makes the world an easier place to live in. Having said that, if you feel you are looking good at an instance, do not spoil it by being rude or negative. Positivity and good looks, hand in hand, is a sure shot winner!

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