Pick Up Artists: Love em or Hate em

If you do not know what a pick up artist is, here is a quick brief about them. Commonly abbreviated with PUA, a pick up artist is an individual who finds and attracts partners for their desired purpose. They have a particular way of getting the other person’s attention and they successfully achieve their purpose by following their systems!

Now, when it comes to the pick up artists, they are not necessarily hateful or appreciated. It is totally dependent from person to person. In fact, the PUA’s even receive mixed opinions form the press and the general public. Now, it is up to you to judge them for yourself! If however, you are negative about them, here is what happened to one of them! You will definitely enjoy reading this one! Pay attention and most definitely do not be like this guy!

Here is the story of Julien Blanc

Julien Blanc is a U.S based pick up artist and a dating coach. He has gone as far as to call himself the, ‘international leader in dating advice’. Now, being in the profession that he has chosen for himself, he brought further limelight on himself in November 2014! He was accused of running social media campaigns that encouraged several dating and relationship habits which was not supported by many people worldwide! Most of his campaigns were looked down as being demeaning to women!

Well, well, he even came on the TV, and refuted the allegations made on him. He stated that what ever was said against him did not have enough evidence to support what he was accused of! But all said and done, people had already made up their opinions and he was not going back with a clean chit. The result was just as shocking as his deed!

Julien Blanc was officially banned from entering several countries. The list includes some major countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore! No one can know which people liked or even supported Julien Blanc’s campaigns, but we for sure know which people did not support them!

Likewise, here are such tips to ward off the pick up artists if you are not particularly fine with what they have to say

  1. Make your excuses – If a pick up artist approaches you with their unimpressive pick up lines, simply make your excuses and walk off from the scene. Make excuses like you have some work or need to go out. He will definitely get your answer straight off and if he is smart enough, he will back off!

What you can do is do not allow the pick up artist to start a conversation at all. Don’t allow them to start a conversation first and foremost and there will be no need to worry later on. Simply tell them that you are busy and do not have the time to pay attention even for that one minute. If nothing else, tell them that you do not comprehend their speech and therefore cannot help them whatsoever.

  1. Give it back – Be blunt and let him know that you are just not attracted. One of your answers could be to gaze back till the person feels edgy. Now, nothing can be better than giving them a taste of their own medicine. What you can best do is tackle him and articulate your mind out. If not that, try giving him a dose. Next time he speaks, aggravate him the same way he annoyed you. He will for sure learn his message and not mess with you anymore!

The Positive Outlook

No relationship can work without taking certain steps in the right direction. In fact, to make a relationship work, you have to have the right mindset. As you probably already know, it is not always rainbows and butterflies, there will be hard times which you as a couple will have to face from time to time. Accordingly, when you decide to date or enter into a relationship, gear up to have an optimistic mindset and let go of things that can hamper your relationship. Here is an outlook at a positive mindset that will take your relationship from A to Z!

Don’t act like what you are not

A very common phenomenon observed with most of the first dates is when a person behaves like what he or she is not in order to impress the date. The whole mindset is to impress the partner by showing sides of a personality which is being acted out instead of being the original! Now this is one thing you should never do! A little impressing here and there is totally alright. But putting out a façade of false personality is a strict No! On the positive side, look at a mindset of portraying yourself the way you are. After all, no charade can be held for a long time!

The fact goes that everyone has something special in their personality. What may impress one person will not necessarily impress the other. Therefore, it is best to be oneself and stick to the personality traits of oneself rather than imitate a personality who we consider our better!

Have the right attitude

Dating undeniably goes hand in hand with having the right skill and the right attitude for dating. You cannot date successfully leaving out any of the two. If you have the right attitude, but do not have the skills to charm and impress the date, the right attitude is of no use. On the contrary, if you have the right skills but not the correct attitude, your skills are hardly going to impress your date!

Accordingly, what you need to have is a positive outlook where you are dating for mutual happiness. If you like your date and want to pursue the relation further, there is no point playing mind games and postponing the inevitable. Instead, have a clear mindset and pursue the relationship with a clear intent of carrying it on in the future. It might just be the attraction point in you!

Accept that there will be some adjustments

Another mindset to definitely accept is that there will be possible adjustments in your life once you start dating. This is true for the simple reason that, a new person entering your life is bound to have some impact in your daily routine. Now, you cannot be frustrated and stress out because of small and minor changes in your life.

In fact, learn to embrace them. Understand the fact that if the new person is bringing about a change to your life, so are you bringing about a change to that person’s life. Therefore, if the other person has happily accepted you, so should you! Have this mindset next time and you will definitely see that your charm has gone up by a margin!

Make your partner laugh

Now, this does not mean that you act like a clown and make your partner want to run away! What this mindset basically means is that, in order to have the ice broken down and the awkwardness finished, you need to make your partner laugh. Now, this can be achieved by little fun flirting, or some nice stories of your past. Just a little laugh ride to drown away the tensions of your lives.

If you do not have the talent to make the other person laugh, try developing it. It is not all that difficult. Just believe and undertake your actions with a positive mindset!

Do not expect a transformation

Believe me, the partner you are dating is not Cinderella’s fairy godmother! Do not expect the partner to change you or transform you in any way. Often times this problem is seen when one person feels he or she certain charm and qualities and expects the dating partner to change that for them. Well, your dating partner has other bigger things in life and cannot possibly be your personality tutor! So, do not expect a Cinderella transformation.

Fortunately, it is also true that while you are dating, there will be natural changes in your personality, your looks and other things in life. But that is natural! No body is forcing them on you! Accordingly, go with natural changes and enjoy them. Do not live with the mindset that you should date in order to get a personality change!

Do not play games

The last of the positive mindset in this piece of writing is to avoid playing games at all cost! Now this does not mean that you should not play little harmless mind games. That is totally alright! What you should avoid doing is playing games which might hurt the other person.

Take for example, if you do not like the first date and do not want to continue dating, make sure you make that clear to your date! This will save a lot of heart break and make your life much simpler!

Looking Good: The Good and The Bad

If you have caught yourselves a hottie, well, it is your good luck. A good-looking partner is a quality almost every one somewhere expects for them. It is always nice to walk hand in hand with them and you will see that smile on your face when your partner is being admired! Yet, if you want a good-looking partner, can your ego deal with it? As nice as it sounds, looking good does not only have its pros. Your ego has to survive the cons. Read ahead if you would like to know the good and the bad of having a looking good partner.

The Good Side First

He or she can turn heads

If your partner is a looker, they are definitely bound to turn some heads! Now this is a terrific ego boost when everyone in the crowd wants to have a look at your partner! You can get plenty of compliments just for dating them. Moreover, your friends are sure to love them. And they will have no filter for their compliments. You will get to hear loads and loads of them! This sure can make your day better and better!

With good looks, the world is never better if your partner even has a suave dressing sense. These two deadly combinations will make you more in love day by day! And it is quite nice to look good for the person you are in a relation with.

The world is easy to a good looking person

The world is wonderful to a good looking person. This is another major pro of looking good! It is easier for them to get things done and people gladly do those things for them. If your partner looks good, observe for yourselves and see next time, people at restaurants, clubs, just anywhere, will be gladder then ever to assist them.

Likewise, the possible perks which one can enjoy seem limitless! Your partner will be some one who is confident and does not hesitate to face the world. For this one point, it is extremely important to look good as it adds a whole lot of confidence to a person.

You turn to improve yourselves

When you know your partner is good looking or takes efforts to look good and dress well, some where you want to make the same efforts yourself. Now this is a good thing since you yourself will be taking better care. Maybe you will dress better if you go out to a party next time, or you might be smiling more often so that every one can have a look at your lovely smile. Any small effort will work well to help you improve in your presentation. This one point is a major advantage of dating a good-looking partner.

The Bad Goes next

Looking good never hurts the person who is so, but what about their partner? If you are dating a good looking person, let us see if your ego can take that toll

He or she is good looking for everyone

Agreed that the person you are dating is a looker! Agreed that your friends and family think so too! But have you considered the point that so does every one else in the world think so! Now, this can get really ugly if you have random people coming and complimenting you for the same. It only makes matters worse and you may behave in a manner you never thought you would!

But it is the simple reality that if your partner can turn heads to them, people might also approach them! Here is when you have to prepare yourself to deal with this bad for dating a looker. Have trust in the person and allow them to lead their lives.

Jealously, insecurity, all are at the top

The major bad of dating a good looker is that your jealousy can be aroused any time! Your partner is bound to get noticed whenever he or she heads out. In fact, they are bound to get noticed even if they head out with you! After all, no one can stop prying eyes.

It is fantastic if your partner is admired by a friends or a close relative, the situation changes however when that appreciation comes from a total stranger! Now, you have to make sure that you are not caught up in this game of sparking jealousies. You do not want to loose your personality by being an insecure person. If you are dating a good-looking person, learn to appreciate the fact that the world will notice them and people will approach them every now and then!

In conclusion, there are many pros of dating an attractive person. But the good looks are not the only thing that matters. If there are the good, you also have the bad which sometimes takes away from your personality! Although it is always nice to have a hottie by your side, you should also appreciate the other qualities in a person. Being funny, being intelligent, or having various other skills does not come easy! If you are born with looks, you work hard to attain the other qualities. They should be given equal importance and you will see the positive result in your relation of you value your partner with or without good looks!

Who Exactly is a Rambler

Women love men who are adventurous. So what has this got to do with rambling?

Rambling is fun, and rambling is most certainly adventurous. A rambling personality is some one who loves taking walks and hikes for their pleasure. How lovely and peaceful that sounds! Should an individual leave an opportunity to date a rambling individual? Well, the answer is a No, if you are a fan of the outdoors! Want to know more about the ramblers? Simply read ahead to know whether these personalities are just the right persons for yours!

  1. Yes, if you are a keen walker

Rambling individuals are people who love being outside. They like long walks and like the feel of fresh air, away from the hustle bustle of their busy daily lives. If you see yourself as an individual who also shares a liking to this activity, you can indeed think about dating a rambling personality. After all, it is a nice feeling to walk hand in hand with some one like you, looking at the beautiful world at your own leisure. It cannot hurt to leave the man made wonders of the city and spend a little time amidst god’s natural creations!

  1. Yes, if you are not too much of a fan of the clubbing scene

As already obvious, a rambling individual would rather take a hike up the hills than spend an evening in the club! Likewise, if your interest runs in being amidst nature rather than the loud sound of the clubs, it is time you reconsider and consider a rambling individual for your next date! If nothing else, a try could never hurt. And if you guys click, you will be spending the rest of your times doing the things which you have always wanted for yourselves!

  1. Yes, if you like travel

A rambling individual also likes to travel, and travel a lot. He or she may or may not include you in their travels. Accordingly, if you plan to date a rambling individual, you have to make peace with this fact that your partner will be traveling a lot.

Now, the package comes with things like he or she may not pick up your phones when they are traveling. See and judge for yourselves. If there are positives in one personality, there will be a few negative points. Accordingly, if you can make peace with this situation, you can very well date a rambling individual!

Having said and done, rambling individuals are not very commonly seen. In fact, in your daily lives, you might not come across one at all! Now, if you are really intrigued with a rambling person and want to find one for yourself, it is fairly easy to find one. You just need to talk the help of technology!

Whether you are a walker, a hiker, a rambler, and looking for another one like you, you can turn to the internet sites which are meant for the ramblers. Through these sites, you can find people who are more interested in exploring the environment rather than spending an evening in the pubs! There are many ‘walking club’ websites where by you can find your walking mates online. All you need to do is find a website which is dedicated to this and register yourself!

Remember, it is indeed amazing to walk hand in hand amidst nature. And in today’s world, it is extremely difficult to find a person who is truly appreciative of this creation of God. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach a rambling individual whether face to face or through online sites. After all, you might find just the Mr. or Ms. Right for you!

PUA: Know Them and Fend Them off

This is an opinion piece written by one of my ‘girl’ friends. Lets see what females think of PUA techniques:

Pick up artists are one of the most annoying creations of god! And they are arrived in the world to stay! Irrespective of your belief that they should not be allowed near a woman, they refuse to go away. Therefore, instead of feeling defeated, you should simply fend them off.

But before sending them off, are you sure you know what defines a pick up artist. Whether yes or no, here is a list of the ways a PUA approaches a woman. Next time you get a similar hint, you will know what to do!

  1. Can I talk to you for a minute’, the opening line

Most often, a pick up artist approaches a woman with an opening line like, ‘Can I speak to you for a moment’ or ‘I have to tell you something’. Well, if you think that person is genuine, then it is another case but if not, he is definitely a pick up artist.

They begin with an opening line like the above and start having a conversation. It just gets impossible to send them off after that. In cases like these, it is advised to ignore the person right from the start. Don’t allow them to start a conversation first and foremost and there will be no need to worry later on. Simply tell them that you are busy and do not have the time to listen even for that one minute. If nothing else, tell them that you do not understand their language and therefore cannot help them whatsoever.

  1. The staring artist

If speaking was not enough already, some pick up artists go as far as staring continuously at a woman. Yes, this is considered impolite but then, they simply do not care.

In situations such as this, you should not ne nervous or feel defeated. Just walk up to that person and tell him to stop staring. Be upfront and let him know that you are just not interested. One of your answers could be to stare back till the person feels uneasy. Now, nothing can be better than giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  1. Negging

Another common technique through which the PUAs approach a woman is by negging. They will simply add a line to make the woman feel low about her. For instance, you might hear something like, ‘Hey, you have nice hair. Are you wearing a wig?’ Things like these can make you or any woman for that matter feel socially low.

Now, for instances like these, you have to come out of the shell and face the PUA. Tell him that you do not care for his compliments or comments. If nothing else, simply walk out of the scene and do not give a damn to anything that is being said. If you will not listen to him, surely, he will be completely discouraged to speak any further! Next time, don’t be the prey to any negging of any kind!

  1. The Kinesthetic

Last but not the least, you have the kinesthetic PUA. This means that while having a conversation, the person will lightly touch you on your arm or your shoulder. Now, if that is acceptable to you, it is another case, if not, then you must not accept it in any case!

What you can best do is confront him and speak your mind out. If not that, try giving him a dose. Next time he speaks, annoy him the same way he annoyed you. He will for sure learn his lesson and not trouble you anymore!

For Nature Lovers

Sorry guys, this article is for the ladies:

If you go to see, going to dates in ways of long walks or hikes in the hills, can be absolutely and blissfully relaxing! If this is what attracts you, then you sure are a rambling enthusiast. And there are many more, who will be by your side and support you in your continuous travels. For those interested in a rambling man, have you wondered what it might feel like to date such a man? Well, you will not be kept in the dark any more. Here is what it feels like.

Do not expect a sudden change!

This guy is someone who loves to travel. He can be a business man or in any other profession for that matter. Therefore, if you plan to date a rambling man, be assured that he will still continue his travelling endeavors. Do not expect him to suddenly take a back seat and sit at home. You have to accept the guy as a person who likes outdoors and will spend a lot of his time out there!

He is most definitely a nature lover

Now again, a rambling man loves the outdoors. They love nature and are interested in outside adventures. If such a man is in your mind, make sure you have or at least develop a liking for the outdoors. In fact, do not be surprised if your next date is a walk in the park or even a little hike on the mountains. This is pretty much characteristic of the rambling man!

Do not be surprised if he is mentally absent!

The good thing in a rambling man is that he is a traveler and often goes out of town. The world is extended to him and he likes to explore it as much as he possibly can. Now comes the bad part! Such a man also has a bad quality of being mentally absent in situations! The fact of the matter is that if for a change he is not travelling and is in town, he might just switch off from any conversation and you will be left staring! Make sure you do not allow this for your partner. After all, he ‘must’ listen to what you say!

He might include you in his travel

Another positive! He is a rambler and he will travel. But sometimes, he might also include you in his travel. Doesn’t that sound like fun! Yes, this is a major wow factor of dating a rambling man. You can accompany him on his travels, his adventures and be a part of his life schedule. This can work wonderfully well to take your relation to new levels. You can know his preferences and dislikes and he can know yours. This point alone is a major ‘yes’ in favor of a rambling man!

However, if he does not include you in his travels, do not have your doubts. This may be for genuine reasons like lack of time or for a strict work trip!

Your calls may be left unanswered

The last thing in this list about a rambling man is that he may just leave your call or messages unanswered! Now, you can give him the benefit of doubt for the reason that he may be away on business or may even be in his adventures in exotic locations. Now, definitely answering the phone is not possible in these situations! So, you can safely let him off! However, these guys do have this irritating habit of leaving phones unanswered even when the situation is totally fine!

Dating Mindset: You Got It?

You may have a mind to date, just casually or get into a serious relationship. But do you have the right mindset for the same? You need to be in the right frame of mind before you flirt, chat or start seeing some one. You don’t want to appear a complete hero or a complete zero. Somewhere halfway is a good solution. Here is a quick list of pointers for you to know if you have the right mindset for seeing someone!

Having an open mind

Every one is bound to have a past. And that should be absolutely permissible. You do not want to be too rigid to stick to your conventions and not allow the other person to breathe! And especially so, if you have some past skeletons in your own closet! Accordingly, a dating mindset definitely calls for you to have an open mind and embrace a new relationship leaving the past behind. Do not ask you date too many questions about his or her ex. It can get totally annoying for the other person to answer your questions! After all, the past cannot change and you do not want to spoil the future doing the same!

Being a closed person was never appreciated, even long time back!

Another key mindset to develop before dating is to keep yourself open to the other person. This does not mean that you reveal everything about yourselves right from the first few dates. But, you do have to start sharing the realities of your being to the other person if you intend to see them more often in the future. And moreover, if you want to know more about the other person, you have to lead by example! Be open and yet ensure that you have not spoken too much!

Do not loose your personality

This phenomenon occurs quite often. One moment you start seeing a girl or a boy, the other moment you have forgotten about your friends, your daily routine and you are lost in that one person who you have only just met! This majorly takes away ‘you’ from your personality. Where is your individual self now!

Accordingly, before dating, you need to set your mind on the fact that no matter what happens, you will be you! No relation should take away your charm and make you a slave to it! And this can only happen if you set your mind for it!

Don’t give in till you find the perfect one

As fancy as this sounds, it is best of you put this to practice. If you go on one date and feel a lack of compatibility with the person, it is absolutely alright to try another date with some other person. In fact, it is acceptable to do this until you find the right person you want to pursue in the future! You can keep dating but don’t make any false promises you cannot keep up with. Have a clear mindset to find the right person for you!

Keep flirting, keep the fun alive

Last but not the least, if you are dating someone, make sure to flirt and that to, to flirt often. Flirting is fun and you can be easy with compliments. You can have a light humored conversation and keep the excitement alive. This is specially required in the first few dates. You do not want to appear boring and serious. Instead, make the conversation fun and keep the thrill alive by flirting away! And this means healthy flirting!

An Insight into a Woman’s Mind

How often have you heard this common time cliché that it is near impossible to understand a woman! Well, this may not apply at all if you can get a little insight in to a woman’s complex mind. And magically, you will know the answer to the 3 W’s for that amazing lady who has been residing in your mind. You will know the answer to – What is she like, what does she like and what is the right way to charm her away!

Well, one technique that will truly give you an insight about a woman is the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system. Pursuing the system, you can easily observe a woman and determine which of the categories of women she falls in. Once you have your category in place, you will know how to charm her away! The system also talks about the desires of each category of women described and the ways through which you can charm her!

Does some types of women scare the hell out of you?

The process starts with answering to 3 questions to help you identify the personality of the woman. The questions stated in the Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system are

  1. Her ‘time line’ whereby you can know what strategy she applies to choose her Mr. Right
  2. Her ‘sex line’ whereby you can know what interests she has in terms of physical intimacy
  3. Her ‘relationship line’ whereby you will know what characteristic traits she wants in her M. Right.

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can tell her personality type! This procedure may sound complicated, but do not worry, it is not that difficult after all! Now that you have answered the questions and determined her personality type, you can move to the next step for understanding her personality!

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box system says that there are 8 kinds or 8 categories of women we can find in the world today. Each type has a separate manner in which she behaves and therefore, there has to be a difference in the way you make your approach towards her. After all, it never hurts to know how your desired lady will be charmed. Without wasting much time, let us get into the 8 kinds of women

  1. The Social Butterfly

As the name says, these are butterflies and therefore, can be extremely difficult to charm away! Yes, she is beautiful and she knows it! She will not hesitate to flirt a little here and there and set the rocking mood of the party! However, to be able ti catch her for yourself, you have to have that X factor in you!

Well, she may be energetic and all that but you ought to know what you are doing if you want to impress her! If you want to date this category of women, you have to pep up and try a little extra to stand out for her!

  1. The Hopeful Romantic

If you like being, ‘The Knight in Shining Armour’, this category of women is your type! A hopeful romantic girl lives in her fantasies and wants to see her prince charming in the boy she is dating. But do not worry, if you want to charm her, you do not necessarily have to be a paramour straight from some fancy book in literature, you only have to bring out the characteristics in yourselves that she likes. And this conquest will be yours!

  1. The Playette

You will never know the depth of this category of woman unless you break through the iceberg like exterior! These ladies are moderate and calm but they have a whole lot more to say when you break through their outer appearance and see other aspects of their personality.

Protective initially, she can turn into an exciting prospect once you win her heart over! Remember, before anything, you have to break through the ice like exterior!

  1. The Cinderella

A Cinderella is a woman type you can’t take for granted. She looks at a long term relationship when she thinks of dating. Well, if you have anything else in mind, try considering once again!

  1. The Private Dancer

She is a one exciting paradox of existence. There is a mystery surrounding her being! There is a soft and innocent look on the exterior. On the other hand, there is a passionate personality hidden in her inner being!

If you plan to pursue a Private Dancer, you can be assured that she will give a lot of the relationship. However, giving does not come without taking back. You have to be prepared to put some efforts as well!

  1. The Modern Woman

This is one category of women who is so 21st century. She is smart, sexy and carrier oriented. She has an open mind and does not have too many guards about herself. If you like this category of no nonsense women, make sure that you match up to her expectations!

Silly romantic gifts will not impress her! You have to think like a modern man who can charm away the modern woman!

  1. The Connoisseur

Like the name of this category says, she is a woman type she is choosy about the person she goes on a date with. She is cautious and will wait for the Mr. Right to come her way. Therefore, you cannot win her with some foolish notions of love, because she chooses practically!

One thing good about these kind of women is that they are practical and therefore appreciate the realistic approach of guys. You will not have to cook up romantic stories to woo her. Take sensible steps instead!

  1. The Seductress

The seductress woman is strong and not easily intimidated. She is not scared of what the world will say. This is one attractive quality in them. She likes intimacies and is very confident in life. Accordingly, you have to have a strong personality yourself in order to woo the Seductress.